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Post by Infinate on Thu Jul 22, 2010 3:59 pm

[Apply] Shaiya0040g][Apply] Shaiya0040g[/url]RL Name: Kevin
Country:United States 
*Main Language Spoken:English
*Time Zone: Cst
*Name/Lvl/Mode of main toon: InfinatePain / lvl 59 UM Warrior
*Name/Lvl/Mode of other toons: Jugggernaut / lvl 54 / UM Guard, CelticHM /lvl 58 HM /warrior
Gameplay time - (approx hours per day):
*Last 3 guilds: HOLLYSINNERS
*AZ member/s that has/have referred you:(Important) .juicy. , .HeadAchE.
*Why do you wish to join Absolute Zero?:I Have alot of friends in AZ and i would like to be around Awsome people u all rock and thank you all^^ [Apply] Icon_lol 
Other info that you think may be relevant:I was asked to join by I was asked to join by Just Dance and .juicy. thanl u all see ya soon all!!!^^


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