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Read This Before You Apply & Follow Instructions Empty Read This Before You Apply & Follow Instructions

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:49 pm

Some simple things to remember when applying

If You were a member of AZ earlier and you have left guild for more than 48 hours..... please apply like everyone else has to ^^
Just because you were a member at some stage.. doesnt give you any more right than anyone else.

Failure to follow the following will result in an instant rejection. Please make sure to read this thread and follow what is written here

Do NOT apply to guild at the GuildMaster until you have been accepted.
Do not post Applications in other Applicant's threads, please make your own
Do not spam your application with "Am I accepted/How much longer do I have to wait?" posts or it will be deleted

If you do not meet these, please apply when you do

Level 60 UM
Level 65HM
Level 55 UM/60HM oracle
15/30 PvP Character with 60K+ kills

If a current AZ member has told you to apply, then you need to put their Ingame Name in your Application so that we can follow it up with them.

As a post topic use tags like [APPLY] when you're applying, [REAPPLY] when reapplying.

Your post topics should look like this:
* [APPLY] or [REAPPLY] "Your main IN GAME Character Name".

Each Application needs to include a screenshot of your character log in screen. Failure to provide this will result in an instant refusal.

Your screenshot should look something like this: (mine has been cropped but you don't need to worry about doing this)
Read This Before You Apply & Follow Instructions Secondacnt


+ How to take SS of Character Screen
+ 1. Log In to game to your character screen
+ 2. Press PrntScrn
+ 3. Open Paint
+ 4. Paste the picture
+ 5. Save the Picture
+ 6. Go to or and upload the Image
+ 7. Post the direct link here using the Image Icon at the top of where you post. (or.. copy the direct link for your screenshot - PB and IS both give you it and paste it between [img][/img] tags ...)

You can use this template below to post your application once you have already included all of the above information
Areas marked with a * are non-optional, failure to answer them will result in a delay of reviewing your application

RL Name:
*Main Language Spoken:
*Time Zone:
*Name/Lvl/Mode of main toon:
*Name/Lvl/Mode of other toons:
Gameplay time - (approx hours per day):
*Last 3 guilds:
*AZ member/s that has/have referred you:(Important)
*Why do you wish to join Absolute Zero?:
Other info that you think may be relevant:

Final decision will be based on a Guild Vote

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