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(Apply) CelticHM plz Empty (Apply) CelticHM plz

Post by Kevin on Sat Feb 20, 2010 1:06 pm

(Apply) CelticHM plz 60wsmnnzgcm5jt2mcgg1RL Name:Kevin
Country:United States
Time Zone:CST

Name/Lvl/Mode of main toon:CelticHM lvl 58 Hm Warrior
Name/Lvl/Mode of other toons:Celtic_UM lvl 41 um warrior
Gameplay time:2 hours a day at least
Last 3 guilds:Havoc , Holysinners

AZ members that will vouch for you: Chish , Code Red I know more but cant remember names xd

Why do you want to join AZ?:Because im tired of slacking and want to join a real guild and i was told by Code red that u are #1 xd tyvm


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